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Sustainable Gift Guide

Struggling with how to gift more sustainably this Christmas? I've got you covered!

Well with Christmas around the corner it would only be right to create a sustainable gift guide to help you spread the Sustainable spirit! What better way to get someone started on their sustainability journey than gifting them with the essentials they may need! I have put together some of my favourite gift ideas featuring some great companies who offer unique, sustainable gift ideas.

Shopping sustainability at Christmas time doesn’t always mean creating starter packs with reusable face pads and kitchen towels and although this is a great gift for an eco-friendly novice – it’s not always what everyone wants or what you’d like to gift the people you love. Shopping sustainably can mean many things.

Gift an Experience

It sounds pretty simple, and probably something you’ve done before. But giving someone tickets to see their favourite band (yes I’m hopeful for this in 2021!!), or vouchers for a nice restaurant is the best way to keep your friends, family and our planet happy! This is a sure-fire way to ensure your gift comes with no plastic packaging and definitely won’t end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere unused! Rather than guess what that tricky friend may like, how about getting them a voucher for the beauty salon they go to? Or book them in for a massage or treatment! Besides, we could all do with some self-care time after 2020 is over.

Shop Local

Especially after the struggles small businesses have felt due to covid-19 restrictions, shopping locally helps to support your community and you are guaranteed to find some unique gifts that can’t be found on amazon! Your local gift shops will be filled with homemade items that make the perfect gift for people you love. Beautiful items and no carbon-producing delivery!

‘Grow your own’ herb gardens or plants

What says Christmas more than a ceramic pot full of dirt?! Ok, jokes aside - it doesn’t sound the most appealing, but it is a thoughtful and sustainable gift! A great houseplant or some indoor herb gardens are a great idea. If looked after, houseplants can be a great addition to the home décor for long periods and herb gardens are a great gift for foodies to get them into the habit of growing their own ingredients. Check out this great site for lots of ‘grow your own’ kit ideas.

Adopt a Wild Animal

This one is for the animal lovers! How about sponsoring or adopting an animal for a thoughtful and meaningful gift this Christmas? By adopting a wild animal you will be protecting endangered species and helping to preserve and restore natural habitats. WWF have a fantastic adopt an animal campaign where you can choose from 14 beautiful wild animals. They even create gift packs with all your animals information and a cute cuddly toy too. Perfect for all ages! As a lover of elephants after my trip to Africa, I was so touched by this very gift given to me in recent years, so I can give personal assurance that this gift is a good one!

Give Climate Action

We may all have someone on our gift list who is already a sustainability and eco-friendly pioneer, so pressure is on to find them a suitable gift right? Well, I have found the perfect idea. A fabulous company called Climeworks offer climate-positive gifts, which are essentially packages which remove carbon dioxide from the air. How does this work? Well, Climeworks removes carbon dioxide from the air on your behalf by (1) building and installing CO₂ capture plants and by (2) operating them and handing over the air-captured CO₂ for safe and permanent underground storage.’ You can purchase different subscriptions on their website with one off payments offered. Check them out for a quirky gift idea!

If you're super organised (unlike me), and had all of your presents bought long ago, there are still many ways to be more sustainable this Christmas! Simply keeping any wrapping paper that is in good condition to reuse again, or making sure you separate your recyclables after the christmas dinner is demolished, is a great step to acting more sustainably too! The overall message is to spend an extra minute deciding how you can find another use for things before you throw them out or just being more conscious of the amount of waste you are producing.

After what has been a stressful year for all of us, I'm wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and well wishes for a great New Year. Take Care, Stay Safe and Reduce Your Waste.

Sustainability Switch X

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