• Heather Beattie

Listen Up Coffee Lovers!

We all know there is nothing better than a great cup of coffee, however do you know how to

recycle the pods you use at home? With the Coronavirus lockdowns spanning over 8 months across the UK, at home coffee consumption has risen significantly. An easy way way to make sure your coffee pods are being disposed of correctly, is by using Nespresso recycling bags! You can order the bags free of charge from the nespresso website, or collect them in your local boutique (when they are open again)! Simply fill them at home and return to store or check on their website to find the nearest drop off point!

Another great coffee company is GRIND, who's coffee is completely organic and packaged in compostable pods! The company pride themselves on creating vegan coffee with 0% plastic in their packaging. It's a bonus that their packaging is also easy on the eye!

Companies are making it easier for everyone to enjoy their favourite things whilst still considering the environmental impacts! Make your first sustainability 'swap' today by ordering recycle bags or even make the switch to organic and compostable pods. Then simply sit back and enjoy your coffee fix with peace of mind!

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